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Budget Guns and Gear Reviews strives to bring you honest, unbiased reviews of high Value-To-Cost ratio camping, shooting, and outdoors gear.

Gun Reviews and Shooting Videos

We give our visitors a look at high value firearms that everyone can afford- not guns that are out of the Everyman’s reach.

Second Amendment News/Politics

Every Friday at 7pm Eastern, I host a Livestream on my YouTube channel, Budget Guns and Gear Reviews, called The Right of the People where I present Second Amendment related news of the week to a panel of guests and we discuss it with participants from the live chat. You can find it on YouTube here, and simulcast on Gunchannels here

About Budget Guns and Gear Reviews

I’m Mike, and I started BGGR because I love being in the outdoors, and I’m always on the lookout for high Value-to-Cost ratio gear. I watched a lot of YouTube videos that reviewed some really nice stuff, but a LOT of it was priced out of my reach. I use to complain that SOMEONE should start a channel that reviewed gear guys like me could afford- until I realized that I AM SOMEONE!

And so Budget Guns and Gear Reviews was born.

So what can you expect? I try to bring you honest, unbiased reviews of camping, hiking, survival, and other outdoors gear, as well as firearms reviews and shooting videos, with how-to’s and Second Amendment related news and commentary thrown in.

I think of it like this:

“Imagine that Nutnfancy and Hickock45 met and had a secret love child, which was adopted and raised in a trailer park by IV8888 and Dave Canterbury- with The Yankee Marshal as a babysitter.”

That pretty much sums it up!

Budget Guns and Gear Reviews uses Affiliate Links to some of the products reviewed on this site. We earn small commissions when those who click the link complete a purchase. This does NOT add any cost to the buyer, but helps us keep the lights on around here! Please help support us by using our links if you decide that you want to buy something you saw us review!



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