Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation

I met a humble Titan yesterday at the USCCA Concealed Carry Expo, and when I use that phrase to describe the man I’m not engaging in (much) hyperbole. Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation is a genuine, friendly, unassuming, down to earth gentleman when you meet him, but make no mistake: his accomplishments, and those of the organization he founded stand colossal in the world of Second Amendment activism.

The SAF is responsible for such landmark Supreme Court decisions as District of Columbia v Heller and McDonald v Chicago  , as well as numerous victories in lesser courts that had profound effect on the protection of our rights such as Wrenn v District of Columbia . Furthermore, the Second Amendment Foundation is currently involved in more than 30 active cases in its efforts to combat the erosion of our freedoms, including a suit to overturn the “assault weapons” ban in Deerfield Illinois.

I’ve been telling everyone that would listen to join the SAF for months, and last week I put my money where my mouth is by becoming a Life Member. I would STRONGLY urge everyone who reads this to join the organization, and if you can’t afford to do so as a Life Member you can become an Annual Member for as little as $15 per year! That’s a SMALL price to pay to help these fine folks fight for YOUR rights…

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