SSP Eyewear Top Focal Shooting Glasses

Like a lot of people, as I’ve gotten older my vision just isn’t what it used to be. As a shooter, that makes it harder and harder to get a nice crisp focus on my front sight without wearing my prescription glasses, which we all know isn’t exactly ideal eyepro!

The solution is to get some top focal shooting glasses, so I found a company called SSP Eyewear, who makes a line of these with interchangeable lenses. Check ’em out!

You can get a pair HERE.

Hi-Point 995ts Range Report

In this video, the Hi-Point 995ts Range Report, we take a look at the very well thought of offering from Hi-Point, its 995ts carbine. This budget friendly pistol caliber carbine is an accurate, reliable, and affordable option for a home defense carbine.

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GOA challenges NFA; Report Says Background Checks Are Worthless; More!

On this week’s The Right of the People for 1/18/19, we discuss how the Gun Owners of America has filed for SCOTUS cert to challenge the National Firearms Act, A study released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that criminals don’t get background checks, we look at two very different takes on the Chicago bus stop self defense shooting, Oregon Democrats are pushing for yet MORE gun control in their state, Self-Defense Shoutouts!

Cz 82 Pistol- Cold War Era Czech Perfection!

I just got a CZ 82 pistol to replace the ones I used to own but had to sell in a horrible fit of “brokeness”! I’ve always loved this design due to it’s superior ergonomics and shootability. Chambered in 9mm Makarov, this pistol packs 12 rounds in the magazine. It has an ambidextrous magazine release and safety, and a chrome lined bore with polygonal rifling.

Several ammo makers produce modern defensive loads in 9×18, so this military surplus pistol remains a viable choice for concealed carry.

RotP 1/11/19- Dems Launch New Gun Grab- And Spineless RINOS Join Them, CA Dems Want One A Month, and other stories

In this week’s The Right of the People for 1/11/19, we discuss how the Democrats are launching their promised slate of gun grabs, aided by spineless Republicans; California Democrats are seeking “One Gun A Month” legislation, The Iowa GOP is trying for Constitutional Carry, Broward County Sheriff Scott Isreal has been replaced, and Self Defense Shoutouts!

Extar Ep9 Disassembly- Budget PDW!

In this video, we go over the Extar Ep9 disassembly and reassembly process. This little budget pdw, while technically a pistol, has made a big entrance into the pistol caliber carbine market. It is compact, lightweight, and takes Glock magazines! It’s a great choice for a personal defense weapon, or even for home defense use.

RotP 1/4/19-SAF And Calguns Sue Over Handgun Roster; VT Law Unenforceable; CA Expands Red Flag Seizures

In this episode of The Right of the People from 1/4/19, SAF And Calguns Sue Over Handgun Roster, we discuss the recent petition for US Supreme Court cert by the Second Amendment Foundation and Calguns over California’s Unsafe Handgun Act; Vermont passed an unenforceable Universal Background Check law; FL Senator Marco Rubio is introducing Federal Red Flag legislation; Chicago’s final 2018 numbers; California expands seizures; Brazilian politicians understand what American politicos don’t, and Self Defense Shout Outs!

Yugoslavian Tokarev- Zastava M57 Range Report

In this video, Yugoslavian Tokarev- Zastava M57 Range Report, we take a look at that former nation’s version of the venerable Russian TT33 Tokarev design. This pistol is chambered in 7.62×25 (7.62 Tokarev), which packs a considerable amount of punch for a pistol round.

Check out Classic Firearms!

Get Newbold Targets HERE!

Ohio Legislature Overrides Kasich Veto; NPR Says Gun Control At Turning Point, More!

In this week’s The Right of the People, we talk about how the Ohio Legislature voted to override the Kasich veto of the Burden of Proof bill, how NPR published a piece saying that Gun Control is at a turning point, The New York Times is calling for banks to choke gun purchases, and Self Defense Shoutouts!