Extar Ep9 Review- Budget PDW!

In this Extar EP9 review we’ll take a look at this budget PDW, and explore why it’s a contender in that market. This lightweight 9mm pistol sports an SOB pistol brace from the factory and is mostly made from polymer, with the important parts crafted from steel. The EP9 is sure to be a hit for those who like the form factor of an SBR without the NFA paperwork, thanks to the SB Tactical SOB brace that comes included in the ridiculously low price. Despite the fact that it’s legally a pistol and not a pcc, it fills the pistol caliber carbine role well.


Extar EP9

Fieldsport Ret Dot

UTG Riser

ADE Flip Up Sights

Angled Foregrip and Hand Stop

VICE Calls For Backdoor Gun Control; Moms Demand Defenseless Kids!

A VICE opinion piece calls for mandating that AR-15 owners purchase insurance; Moms Demand Action is calling for Arkansas teachers to be disarmed; A loony Liberal Professor shot himself to protest Trump, California Court overturns advertisement ban,Self Defense Shoutouts, and more!

Dems Disrupt Kavanaugh Hearings, Corporate Gun Control On The Rise!

On this week’s The Right of the People, we discuss how the Democrats colluded to disrupt the Senate confirmation hearings for SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, we talk about how Corporate Gun Control continues to be on the rise, and we finish with a couple Self Defense Shoutouts!


Here’s a series of videos I did on how to make and use an Atlatl, a primitive weapon used to throw spears.

Here’s how to carve the thrower…
Here’s how to make the dart…

And here’s how to throw it!

NPR Debunks School Shooting Statistics?

On this week’s The Right of the People, we talk about how a recent article on NPR debunks school shooting statistics; Dr. John Lott at the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) debunked mass shooting statistics; David Hogg lied and got debunked by Stephen Gutowski; the Jacksonville shooter David Katz got his guns despite Maryland’s gun control schemes; Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend may have been on the FBI payroll; Cody Wilson will now SELL 3d printed gun plans; Self-Defense Shoutouts!

Ruger Security 9 Field Strip

In this video I’ll show you how to conduct a Ruger Security 9 field strip- like I neglected to do in my shooting video! This little 9mm pistol is easy to disassemble and reassemble using only a 9mm casing as a tool.

“Mass Shooting” at Madden 19

A pathetic loser caused a mass shooting at Madden 19 in Jacksonville, Florida today, and the hoplophobes are crying for more gun control before the blood is even dried.

Are The Feds Arming Teachers?

Are the feds arming teachers? Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is thinking about it, but is meeting resistance from the usual suspects. Also, Montana Governer Steve Bullock is OK with banning Semi Auto firearms, the body count in Chicago continues to soar, anti-gun grad assistant fired, and Self Defense Shoutouts!

The Right of the People 8/19/18- Chicago Gun Control FAILS!

This week we talk about how Chicago gun control fails, Sacha Cohen duped yet another gun rights figure, the Louisiana AG says NO to corporate gun control, the NRA and SAF score a WIN in Washington State, and some Self Defense Shoutouts

Varusteleka Jaakaripuukko 140

n this video we take a look at a great budget bushcraft blade, the Varusteleka Jaakaripuukko 140. If you’re searching for a bombproof knife that won’t break the bank, this one is worth looking at. It makes a gread bushcraft knife or survival knife, as its spine is nice and thick and tapers to a razor sharp edge. This knife deserves a place in any bug out bag!

Check out Varusteleka’s website!

(You can find the knife here if you just want to look at it alone…)