Extar Ep9 Review- Budget PDW!

In this Extar EP9 review we’ll take a look at this budget PDW, and explore why it’s a contender in that market. This lightweight 9mm pistol sports an SOB pistol brace from the factory and is mostly made from polymer, with the important parts crafted from steel. The EP9 is sure to be a hit for those who like the form factor of an SBR without the NFA paperwork, thanks to the SB Tactical SOB brace that comes included in the ridiculously low price. Despite the fact that it’s legally a pistol and not a pcc, it fills the pistol caliber carbine role well.


Extar EP9

Angled Foregrip

Fieldsport Ret Dot

UTG Riser

Newbold Targets

ADE Flip Up Sights

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  1. The link to the foregrip you posted is not what is attached to your weapon. Could you please tell which foregrip you’re running in the video?

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