Henry Lever Action Axe .410- Chopping up the NFA!

The Henry Lever Action Axe .410 – Chopping Up the NFA!

The Mossberg Shockwave and the Remington Tac 14 have some competition in the non-NFA firearm market- competition that evokes the romantic feel of the Old West. Enter the Henry Lever Action Axe .410!

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Extar Ep9 Review- Budget PDW!

The Extar EP9
The Extar EP9- Budget PDW!

Extar EP9 Introduction

If you’ve been paying attention to the firearms market AT ALL in recent years, you will have noticed that the popularity of the Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) has been on the rise. Within that niche, the Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) has become prominent. The PDW’s small size and light weight have made this class of firearms sought after as home defense guns, vehicle guns, and bugout guns among many people who feel that a full-sized rifle is a bit too cumbersome in those roles. Since the regulations on Short Barreled Rifles are a hassle to many people, the braced pistol has truly come into its own within the PDW concept. Enter the Extar EP9.

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